Women Skate the World

Discover how Women Skate the World empowers women and girls through skateboarding while promoting diversity and likemindedness within their community.

UNICEF’s Disability and Inclusion Strategy

Learn about UNICEF's comprehensive strategy for promoting the rights and well-being of children with disabilities worldwide.

Community-Owned Housing in Copenhagen

Explore the growing trend of community-owned housing in Copenhagen, Denmark, where residents manage and own their homes.

Nemus NFT

Explore how Nemus pioneers rainforest conservation through NFT sales, linking unique geolocations in the Amazon to buyers' contributions.

Creative Embassies

Discover how Creative Embassies facilitates European artists to live and work in new cities through their exchange program, fostering cultural connect


Right in the centre of one of the biggest cities in the world, New York, Monica makes soapboxes with kids out of old carbon found on the streets.


OceanLove believes that we, humans, are equal to the ocean and all that lives in it.

Leave Days

In Australia, the concept of leave days takes on a refreshingly inclusive and accommodating twist.

Viral Vegans

In Finland, Global Connector Benjamin Pitkänen fights for the rights of animals.

Interreligious Organization Singapore

Even though in different religions there is much division of opinion, in Singapore the religions work together for better.


Zeeman successfully responds to the growing need for simplicity and solidity and succeeds time and again in connecting quality and cheapness.

Cyborgs Moon & Neil

Spanish artist Moon Ribas and New York-based artist Neil Harbisson are cyborgs; the fusion of human and machine.