Although Copenhagen is characterized by its minimalist and sleek architecture, the Christianshavn district is home to an area called Christiania.


In the north of France, in Roubaix, the residents of a neighborhood have come together to create an extraordinary initiative.


A Copenhagen restaurant that draws attention to the great social challenges of our time both with its food and its interior.


The Rijksmuseum organizes special low-stimulation hours a few times a year for people who are easily overstimulated.

Ben & Jerry’s

The famous ice cream brand - founded during the previous tipping point - has launched an activist ice cream in Australia to end fossil fuels.

Esther Olofsson

Her name is Esther, she is 29 years old, originally from Sweden, but … she is not a real human. She is a virtual human.


A dessert-only restaurant. All culinary delights from top pastry chefs. For many people the place to be to fulfill their guilty pleasure.